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Making a Will in Singapore

Singapore Wills Online is another innovative poineering Online Legal Service of Loh Eben Ong LLP, Singapore Lawyers and Law Firm, offered since 2001. 

Engaging a Singapore Lawyer to draft your Will in Singapore has never been easier, by:

  • Getting a Quote
  • Submiting your Will Online or Offline or through SG Lawyers App
  • Book an Appointment Online

You may also wish to visit our main site at on your Singapore Wills needs.

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Singapore Will Lawyers

Why Should I Make a Will?

Our short answer is it brings certainly to your loved ones in your unfortunate untimely death. 

No one can predict when he or she will die, and this is usually a very sensitive or taboo issue. However, major tragedies, such as the Tsunami or Earthquake reminded us that we should not take death for granted, i.e. that death will only happen to others but not yourself.

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Why Wills Online?

We are all busy people, and wish for a most convenient mode to engage a lawyer to prepare a Will. 

With our Singapore Wills and Trusts Online, there may be no necessity for clients (existing or new) to attend at our office for an initial instruction. You may submit your Will application online through our websites at, or SG Lawyers Mobile App.

Upon submission, we will review your submission, and may request for further information or particulars through telephone or email, and start processing your Will. In the meantime, you will make an appointment through our Online Appointment System, SG Lawyers > Appointment, Telephone or Email. Unless it is an extremely simple Will, please allow for 3 to 5 working days for preparation. 

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Complicated Wills

Our Online Wills Submission service is for Simple and Moderate Singapore Wills. For more complex or complicated Wills involving multiple Gifts, Beneficiaries, Trusts and others, please email us. For such cases, your initial attendance at our office to discuss your Will with our solicitor is usually required.

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